the science of making cities


The Science of Making Cities

urbanization.org is an open platform that promotes a rational analysis of urban reality on a global scale, so that the challenges facing cities in the coming years can be addressed in a more efficient and coherent way, for the benefit of the common good.

The initial project involved the English translation of the first scientific theory on the construction of cities, the General Theory of Urbanization, written in 1867 by Ildefons Cerdà after his plan for the reform and expansion of Barcelona was approved, and the development of a website with open data from the theory.

Upcoming projects will be directed at developing a comparative system to analyze the physical, social and informational structure of cities in an open and collaborative way, with the aim of improving the social, economic and environmental impact of future urban regeneration projects or new settlements in cities around the world.

We are working to advance the science of making cities. Join us.


urbanization.org es una plataforma abierta que impulsa un análisis racional sobre el hecho urbano a escala global, con el fin de que los retos que afrontan las ciudades en las próximos años se aborden de una forma mas eficiente y comprensible, en beneficio del bienestar común.

Su primer proyecto ha sido la traducción al ingles de la primera teoría científica sobre la construcción de ciudades, la Teoría General de la Urbanización, escrita en 1867 por Ildefonso Cerda después de ser aprobado su plan de reforma y ensanche para Barcelona, y el desarrollo de una web de datos abiertos sobre ella.

Sus próximos proyectos estarán orientados a desarrollar una sistema comparado para analizar la estructura física, social e informacional de las ciudades de forma abierta y colaborativa, con el fin de mejorar el impacto social, economico y ambiental de futuros proyectos de regeneración urbana o de nuevos asentamientos en ciudades de todo el mundo.

General Theory of urbanization

Idelfons Cerdà, 1867

Essay by Vicente Guallart

Launching date: March 2018

Number of pages: 715

Edited by ACTAR & IAAC

In 1867, with the Industrial Revolution well underway, the engineer Ildefons Cerd+a, author of the Plan for the Reform and Extension of Barcelona, published his General Theory of Urbanization. It was the first book in history in witch the process of designing and building cities was systematically analyzed and feigned as a science.

In it, Cerdà coined the term urbanization, defined as “the set of principles, doctrines and rules that should be applied so that buildings and their conglomerations, as opposed to constricting, distorting and corrupting the physical, moral and intellectual faculties of social humans can help promote their development and vitally thereby improving individual wellbeing, the sum total of witch constitutes public prosperity.”

Today, in the midst of the digital revolution, at a time when the urbanization of the planet is still in full swing and we are facing new collective challenges, we are presenting the first full English translation of the Theory and publishing its statistical and analyses in graphs and interactive maps as an open data platform.

General Theory of urbanization

Volume II

Urbanization considered as a concrete fact
Urban statistics of Barcelona
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